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Art, Eros and Esotericism

  • 2014-10-30
  • Villa San Michele, Capri, Italy
Art and esotericism has always been linked, both in forms of magical sigils and as esoteric motifs in art works. Another central theme in esoteric traditions is eroticism as key to higher forms of reality. On this conference we explore art, eros and esotericism from different angles.

The focus is in line with the ambition of the Dioscuri Institute to encourage cross-cultural exchanges of philosophical, scientific, religious and esoteric ideas between Sweden and Italy in particular, and northern and southern Europe in general. The presentations will be around 30 minutes each between 12:00 and 17:00, with a lunch break.

The conference will be held at the legendary Villa San Michele, built by the Swedish physician Axel Munthe. San Michele is a Swedish cultural institution on the beautiful island of Capri in Italy.

This is a collegial, informal conference without sponsors. The registration fee is €65 for speakers and audience alike.

For more information write to Dr. Thomas Karlsson at


- Presentation and introduction. Dr. Thomas Karlsson
- Did Jacques d'Adelswärd Fersen really arrange Black Masses in Paris 1903?, Viveka Adelswärd, Professor emeritus
- The sinister sorceress of Capri: Luisa Casati and the nineteenth-century discourse of Satanic feminism. Per Faxneld, Ph.D.
- A look at the “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili”, Timo Ketola, Artist
- Chöd as esoteric path in Tibetan Buddhism, Jens Näsström, Psychologist.
- Spells of transformation for the dead in ancient Egyptian Magic, Anne Landborg, Ph.D
- About Alessandro Vivaldi 's "La Mesnie Hellequin", a new esoteric play. Alberto Brandi, Ph.D.
- Lunch
- Från religiositet till andlighet. Utvecklingen i folket i Sverige. Bengt Wadensjö, Bishop Emeritus of The Church of Sweden, Professor.
- Art & Eros in Max Theon's Cosmic Movement and the Ideal et Réalité circle, Boaz Huss, Professor.
- Dr. Faust on Capri: motifs in my forthcoming esoteric novel. Thomas Karlsson, Ph.D. Senior lecturer.
- Axels måltid - An esoteric art performance in Swedish, Madeleine Aleman, Artist and art teacher.
- Prosecco and Capri cake on the terrace of Café Casa Oliv, Villa San Michele.

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