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The Marriage of Heaven and Earth: Images and Representations of the Sky in Sacred Space

  • 2014-06-28
  • 2014-06-29
  • Bath, UK
List of Speakers
  • Juan Antonio Belmonte (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (Tenerife, Spain)): ‘Cosmic landscapes in ancient Egypt: a diachronic perspective’
  • J. McKim (Kim) Malville (Professor Emeritus, Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado): ‘The Parallelism of Heaven and Earth in Andean Cultures’
  • Nicholas Campion (Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, School of Archaeology, History and Anthropology, University of Wales Trinity Saint David): 'The Marriage of Heaven and Earth in Twentieth-Century Art: Mysticism, Magic and Astrology in Surrealism'
  • Faisal Al-Doori (University of Aberystwyth/ Tikrit University, Iraq): ‘The Image of the Marriage of Heaven and Earth in W. B. Yeats’ poem “Chosen”’
  • Gerardina Antelmi (University of Split (Croatia)): ‘Poetry Creation as a Space of Union between Natural and Supernatural: A Reading of The House of Fame’
  • Jim Cogswell (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Professor of Art, University of Michigan): ‘Jewelled Net of the Vast Invisible: a multi-media experience of cosmological space’
  • Alexander Cummins (Independent Scholar): ‘The Faces of the Heavens: Early Modern Astrological Image Magic’
  • Edina Eszenyi, (University of Kent): ‘Thunderbolt: Shaping the image of Lucifer in the Cinquecento Veneto
  • Harold H. Green (Research Associate of the Maya Exploration Center): ‘Zenith Sun as Organizing Principle in the Constructed Sacred Space and Calendrics of Central Mexico’
  • Cheryl Hart (University of Wales Trinity Saint David): ‘Sacred or Secular? An Analysis of the Rosette Motif within the Iconographic Repertoire of the Near East, Egypt and the Aegean’
  • Scott E. Hendrix (Associate Professor of History, Carroll University, U.S.A): ‘From the Margins to the Image of ‘The Most Christian Science’: Astrology, Theology, and St. Peter’s Basilica’.
  • Liz Henty (University of Wales Trinity Saint David): ‘Tomnaverie Recumbent Stone Circle: Earthly Window to the Sacred Sky’
  • Shon Hopkin (Assistant Professor of Religious Education at Brigham Young University): ‘The Joining of Heaven and Earth in Mormon Temples and Sacred Texts’
  • Stanislaw Iwaniszewski (Professor of Archaeology, Department of Postgraduate Studies in the National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico City): ‘Communicating with the Ancestors in the Spiritual Landscape at Yaxchilan, Chiapas, Mexico’
  • Bożena Józefów-Czerwińska (Head of Department of Anthropology, Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology, Pultusk Academy of Humanities): ‘Signs in the Sky - Beliefs in Polish Folk Culture’
  • Tore Lomsdalen (Independent Scholar): ‘Cult, ritual, sacred space and the sky in the prehistoric temples of Malta’
  • Patrick McCafferty (Queens University, Belfast): ‘The Union of Heaven and Earth in the Boyne Valley, Ireland’
  • Rathnasree Nandivada (Director, Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, India): ‘The evolution of representations of the Navagrahas in Indian temples and their changing identification with celestial bodies on the ecliptic’
  • Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska (Head of Department of Ancient Cultures, University of Warsaw): ‘The Sky in Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts’
  • John David Mooney (Artistic Director of the John David Mooney Foundation): ‘Sacred Geography, Sacred Sky, and Sacred Geometry’
Click HERE for the speakers' abstracts.

Address: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute
16-19 Queen Square,
Bath BA1 2HN,

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