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Call for Papers - SYNTHESIS: Esotericism and the Sciences Conference

  • 2013-04-13
  • Amsterdam
Call for Papers: SYNTHESIS - Esotericism and the Sciences - Junior Scholar Conference

The study of Esotericism has proven itself as an independent academic field of research, one which shows many correspondences with other academic disciplines. With the aim to explore a world of Synthesis between Esotericism and the Sciences, we invite junior scholars from diverse backgrounds and academic fields to join us in Amsterdam. Together, we will attempt to transcend disciplinary lines, and to open-up the academy for new discoveries.

SYNTHESIS is happy to confirm:
  • Prof. Dr. Wouter J. Hanegraaff to give a welcome address.
  • Dr. Egil Asprem to give a keynote speech
Session 1: Esotericism, Literature & the Arts
> Antonia Bechmann – “The Body of Proof: The Spirit Photography of Frederick Hudson”
> Niko Pomakis (University Erlangen-Nuremberg): “Synthesizing Victorian science and Hermetic cosmology: The 'Mathematical Catechism' of James Joyce's Ulysses”
> Annet van der Meer (University of Groningen): “Esotericism in the art of Phoebe Anna Traquair”

Session 2: Esotericism & Philosophy
> Thomas Meijer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): “Magic and Philosophy: The Enchanting Virtues of the Mind”
> Christian Giudice (University of Gothenburg): “Three is the Magic Number: Arturo Reghini, neo-Pythagoreanism and the Sacred Use of Numbers in Roman Traditionalism”
> Jelle van Baardewijk (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): “Character is Fate: Astrology as a Virtue Ethics”

Session 3: Esotericism, Neuroculture, & Perception
> Melissa Noordervliet (University of Amsterdam): “The Efficacy of Reconnective Healing on Children diagnosed with ADHD”
> Dave Vliegenthart (University of Groningen): “I Think I am a Lamp: A Critical Perspective on Neurotheological Interpretations of 'Transcendental' Experiences”
> Maro Pantazi (University of Utrecht): “The 'stage' of the psychedelic trance gatherings as the 'stage of intermediality'”

This conference is organized by junior scholar students of the Center for Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents (GHF) - University of Amsterdam.

For further information check the conference homepage at


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