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Narrative Magic: Transformations Through Story-Telling

  • 2012-10-29
  • Glasgow
‘Narrative Magic: Transformations Through Story-Telling’- A Workshop Day of Seminars and Story-Telling
(In conjunction with the Goethe Institute and the Scottish Storytelling Centre)

9am-5pm, 5 November, 2012
Melville Room, Gilbert Scott Building, University Ave

Narrative underlies everything we do: from cradle to grave, we create stories about ourselves and the world around us; we use stories to entertain ourselves, to explain reality, and to connect with others—as well as to help us fall asleep and have nice dreams! Everything from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Buddhism tell us (more or less) that the stories well tell ourselves internally about the world shape the external world we live in—surely a kind of magic in itself. The important role of fantasy in childhood development is an acknowledged fact; fantasy in general holds out the promise of a different future.

Inspired by the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Grimm Brothers’ famous Children’s and Household Tales, this 1-day conference will focus on narrative as magic: magic which transforms, which binds two otherwise mutually exclusive worlds, which opens new possibilities—whether they be promising or terrifying ones.

Rather than full academic papers, this day will be organised as a series of seminar discussions, and it is open to the wider public. Team participants will submit short (2,500-word) presentation papers on their topic in advance. We meet in groups each with a seminar leader, to engage folk in fruitful discussions. Then we come together for final conclusions. Other participants who want to come along are welcome to listen and interact, too.

Topics for discussion may include:
• magic in narratives (such as fairy tales, fantasy fiction and film, and magical realism)
• the creative magic of telling through word and image
• transformed fairy tales
• the magic of self-recreation in autobiography, migrant literature or other tales of self-(re)invention
• the magical realm a reader/viewer/hearer enters when suspending disbelief and falling in with the story
• the (Romantic) fairy tale writer as (magical) poet-priest-shaman
• anthropology, shamanism, witchcraft and healing
• story as, or depicting, a rite de passage
• magic, mediaeval to modern
• utopianism in literature

• 30 September : 150-word abstract due to Dr Laura Martin. (Please indicate whether you will need any audio-visual aids.)
• 15 October: the programme of seminars will be made available on-line, including the seminar topics with titles of presentation papers
• 15 October: your 2,500 presentation paper due to Dr Laura Martin
• 20 October: presentation papers will be made available on-line at web address, where you can read the ones in your seminar team (and others)

Download the registration form with costs and information here: Narrative Magic Conference Registration Form
Lunch and refreshments included.

Dr Laura Martin or
Carolyn Donaldson

Address: Melville Room,
Gilbert Scott Building, University Ave,

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