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From Alchemy to Chemistry

  • 2012-04-13
  • Galway, Ireland
"Materials, processes and laboratories have changed much since those distant days, yet human nature in general and the feelings and emotions of laboratory workers in particular still remain much the same." John Read (1957)


14:00 Symposium Opening
14:15 Peter Forshaw, University of Amsterdam
'Utterly unphilosophically, they separate the Oratory and Laboratory!': An early modern Theosophical Alchemist on Christ and the Philosophers' Stone.

15:00 John Perkins, Oxford Brookes University
'Chemistry in Revolution, 1760-1810: The Social History of Chemistry in Eighteenth-Century France'

15:45 Coffee break

16.05 William Brock, University of Leicester
'Bent Arrows Hit their Mark: Concepts, Experiments and Professionalization, 1840-1940'

16:50 Discussion Session – The Future of Chemistry as a Discipline
In the words of Archibald Scott Couper (1858): “The end of chemistry is its theory.”

17:30 Wine reception and close of meeting
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Sponsored by:
- NUI Galway School of Chemistry & An Cumann Ceimice
- NUI Galway Millennium Fund (Travel Grants to PF, JP & WB)
- Boston Scientific
- The Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry
- Institute of Chemistry of Ireland

Event Organiser: Dr Peter Crowley

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