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Demons and Devils in Early Modern Europe

  • 2011-12-02
  • The Warburg Institute, University of London, London
A one-day conference organized by Guido Giglioni

In the course of his illustrious career at the Warburg Institute, D.P. Walker (1914-1985) published seminal works that contributed to redefining our view of early modern magic and demonology, such as Spiritual and Demonic Magic from Ficino to Campanella (1958), Decline of Hell (1964) and Unclean Spirits: Possession and Exorcism in France and England in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries (1981). This conference intends to celebrate his legacy by presenting the most recent results by young researchers working at the Warburg Institute.

Speakers will include

Anna Corrias, Sietske Fransen, Michael Gordian, Nicholas Holland, James A. T. Lancaster, Anthony Ossa-Richardson

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