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CESNUR Conference on "Globalization, Immigration, and Change in Religious Movements"

  • 2007-06-07
  • 2007-06-08
  • Bordeaux, France
This international conference will be an opportunity for scholars and others from around the world to share their insights about the perceptions, reactions, conflict, change, and adaptations of individuals, religions and secular institutions to globalization, immigration, and to the growing diversity to be found in many countries. A field trip combining religiously significant locations and the famous Bordeaux wine châteaux, and including a banquet, will be arranged. It is hoped that speakers will come from a broad range of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, social psychology, history of religion, law, religious studies and theology. Themes may include: Religion and immigration Globalization of religious networks Religious movements (old and new) and change in international perspective Internationalization of Western esotericism: West, East and what about Middle East?

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