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The 6th EASR Conference/IAHR Special Conference: "Religious History of Europe and Asia"

  • 2006-09-20
  • 2006-09-21
  • Bucharest, Romania
The 6th EASR Conference will be an IAHR Special Conference held in Bucharest (Romania), under the auspices of the Romanian Association for the History of Religions (RAHR), and in association with the Centre for the History of Religions at the Faculty of History, University of Bucharest. The Conference will provide the venue for the meeting of the General Assembly of the EASR, the Executive Committee of the IAHR and the General Assembly of the RAHR. The Conference will be structured around ten keynote lectures and a cluster of panels. The RAHR organisers call for papers designated for the following six topics: · Christianity in Late Antiquity · Esotericism · Greek and Roman Religions · Indian Religions · Iranian Religions · Religions in the Middle Ages IN ADDITION: 1. Along these panels, EASR affiliated scholars can contribute individual papers reflecting the general theme of the conference. 2. The organisers will also run a NON-THEMED SESSION to welcome those papers by the EASR affiliated scholars that do not fit into the general theme of the conference. A joint EASR/RAHR scientific board will select the proposals and announce the results in due time.

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