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Major Event: "An Esoteric Quest in Central Europe: From Renaissance Bohemia to Goethe's Weimar"

2006-07-03 17:51 | ESSWE admin (Administrator)

The New York Open Center and Lapis Magazine Online host a conference titled: "An Esoteric Quest in Central Europe" from August 31 until September 8. The conference will be held at three differenct places in Central Europe, starting in the Czech Republic and moving to Weimar in Germany. The sessions include: "Jacob Boehme and His Theosophical Vision and The Hermetic Harvest of Goethe’s Alchemical Retreat, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke "Oratory and Laboratory: Heinrich Khunrath’s Alchemy, Magic and Cabala", Peter Forshaw "Paracelsus/Goethe/Steiner", Dennis Klocek "Charting Rosicrucian Europe", Christopher McIntosh "Mystical Sisters: Images of the Alchemical Feminine", M.E. Warlick "The Esoteric Quest from Antiquity to the Renaissance", Leonard George "Ritual Illumination: The 'Higher' Masonic Orders, the Illuminati, and the Esoteric Quest", Jay Kinney

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