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On Campus Summer Programme: Arcane Worlds - New frontiers in the Study of Esotericism (7-25 July 2024, University of Amsterdam)

2024-02-21 12:46 | ESSWE admin (Administrator)

This advanced summer programme provides a venue for enthusiasts of ‘othered knowledge’ to take a deep dive into the study of esotericism and the occult. Participants will gather at the University of Amsterdam and join experts at the Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents, the world’s leading institution for academic research and teaching in esotericism, to broaden their knowledge in a wide variety of topics.

Students will explore important movements in esotericism in the past, as well as how various traditions reverberate in the present. Making use of flexible yet rigorous scholarly frameworks, participants will encounter various traditions (from occultism and alchemy to gnosticism and psychedelic culture), diving into primary texts as well as film, music, and other forms of cultural expression.

Programme website:

Housing and scholarships available

Starts in: July | Duration: 3 weeks | Early admission deadline: 1 February 2024 | Regular admission deadline: 15 March 2024 | Questions? Email:

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