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Call for Papers: The Eranos Experience - Spirituality and the Arts from a Comparative Perspective (17-19 November 2022, Venice)

2022-03-07 13:21 | ESSWE admin (Administrator)

The Eranos circle originated from the meetings organized by Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn (1881-1962) on Lake Maggiore in Ascona, Switzerland, from 1933 on. These meetings focused on spirituality, mysticism, myth, symbolism, and brought together some of the greatest scholars of the time. The influence of Eranos has been pervasive on twentieth-century culture, and it has gone beyond the boundaries of academic scholarship in a strict sense. This conference has two main purposes. The first is to understand how the legacy of Eranos has had an impact on the humanities and the social sciences: we will discuss the question of universals in religious phenomena, the value and usefulness of comparative approaches, the importance given to myths and symbols, the role of historicism, and the similarities between Eranos and contemporary developments such as the ontological turn in anthropology. The second goal is to explore the influence or the echoes of Eranos on the performing and figurative arts, in particular on music, dance, theatre, and painting.

Comparative Studies of Civilisations and Spiritualities

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