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2001-2010, edited by Wouter J. Hanegraaff; 2010-Present, edited by Peter J. Forshaw
Published by Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden

Volume 17, Number 1, 2017 Esotericism and the Cognitive Science of Religion,
Special Issue, guest-edited by Egil Asprem and Markus Davidsen

Volume 16, Number 1, 2016 Social Reform, Religious Revival, and Esotericism in the Nineteenth Century,
Special Issue, guest-edited by Julian Strube


Transgressing Boundaries

Author: Julian Strube

pp.: 1–11


Religious Revolutionaries and Spiritualism in Germany around 1848

Author: Daniel Cyranka

pp.: 13–48 

Discourse Theory and Enlightenment

Author: Friedemann Stengel

pp.: 49–85

“Religion” and “Science” within a Global Religious History

Author: Michael Bergunder

pp.: 86–141

Book Reviews

Fearful Spirits, Reasoned Follies: The Boundaries of Superstition in Late Medieval Europe, written by Michael D. Bailey

Author: Francisco Santos Silva

pp.: 143–145

Laus Platonici Philosophi: Marsilio Ficino and his Influence, edited by Stephen Clucas, Peter J. Forshaw and Valery Rees

Author: Lara Harwood-Ventura

pp.: 146–149 

Geist=reiche Critik: Hermetik, Mystik und das Werden der Aufklärung in spiritualistischer Literatur der frühen Neuzeit, written by Kristine Hannak

Author: Andrew Weeks

pp.: 150–153

The Life of Margaret Alice Murray: A Woman’s Work in Archaeology, written by Kathleen L. Sheppard

Author: Ethan Doyle White

pp.: 154–156

New Age Spirituality: Rethinking Religion, edited by Steven J. Sutcliffe and Ingvild Saelid Gilhus

Author: Jean-François Mayer

pp.: 157–159

Volume 15, Number 2, 2015


How Hermetic was Renaissance Hermetism?

Author: Wouter J. Hanegraaff

pp.: 179–209

Madame Théon, Alta Una, Mother Superior

Author: Boaz Huss

pp.: 210–246

Beyond the Subliminal Mind

Author: Jake Poller

pp.: 247–266



Authors: Antoine Faivre and Nemanja Radulović

pp.: 267–269 


Volume 15, Number 1, 2015 Antiquity,
Special Issue, guest-edited by Dylan M. Burns

Concealment, Pseudepigraphy, and the Study of Esotericism in Antiquity
Kelley Coblentz-Bautch
Secrets without Mystery: Esotericism in Early Jewish Mysticism
Ra'anan Boustan
Ancient Esotericism, Problematic Assumptions, and Conceptual Trouble
Kocku von Stuckrad
Esotericism in Classical Rabbinic Culture: Interpretive Problems and Contexts
Joshua Ezra Burns
Esoteric Discourse and the Jerusalem Temple in the Gospel of Philip
Matthew Twigg
μίξεώς τινι τέχνῃ κρείττονι—Alchemical Metaphors in the Paraphrase of Shem (NHC VII,1)
Dylan M. Burns
Ancient Hermetism and Esotericism
Christian Bull
Taking the Shape of the Gods: A Theurgic Reading of Hermetic Rebirth
Greg Shaw

Volume 14, Number 2, 2014
Il simbolismo della “scrittura ad occhi” nel Liber misteriorum venerabilium (Shimmushei Torah). Aspetti di un peculiare retaggio della magia ebraica medievale
Flavia Buzzetta
Reginald W. Machell (1854-1927): Blavatsky’s Child, British Symbolist, American Artist
Massimo Introvigne
Antoine Faivre and the Study of Fairy Tales
Nemanja Radulovic
Copernican Cosmotheism: Johann Jacob Zimmermann (1642-93) and the Mystical Light
Mike A. Zuber

Volume 14, Number 1, 2014 Rosicrucianism,
Special Issue, guest-edited by Hereward Tilton

From Spiritual Regeneration to Collective Reformation in the Writings of Christoph Besold and Johann Valentin Andreae
Stefania Salvadori
Translating the Fama Fraternitatis: pitfalls, problems and challenges
Christopher McIntosh
De furore Britannico: The Rosicrucian Manifestos in Britain
Thomas Willard
Sendivogius in Sweden: Elias Artista and the Fratres roris cocti
Susanna Åkerman
Is AMORC Rosicrucian?
Cecile Wilson

Volume 13, Number 2, 2013
"The Four Ideals": A Contemplative Exercise by Gurdjieff
pp. 173-203
Joseph Azize
Essay Review: Contemporary Kabbalah: New Scholarship, New Insights, New Contexts and Issues
pp. 205-235
Gemma Kwantes
The Beginnings of Kabbalah in America: The Unpublished Manuscripts of R. Levi Isaac Krakovsky
pp. 237-268
Jonatan Meir
The Occult Underground of Late Soviet Russia
pp. 269-288
Birgit Menzel

Volume 13, Number 1, 2013 Occulture,
Special Issue, guest-edited by Tessel Bauduin and Nina Kokkinen

Introduction: Oculture and Modern Art
pp. 1-5
Author: Tessel M. Bauduin
Occulture as an Analytical Tool in the Study of Art
pp. 7-36
Author: Nina Kokkinen
Science and the Visual Culture of Spiritualism: Camille Flammarion and the Symbolists in fin-de-siècle France
pp. 37-69
Author: Serena Keshavjee
'Enigmas so Occult that Oedipus might be Puzzled to Solve Them': Whistler, Spiritualism & Occulture in Late Victorian England
pp. 71-102
Author: Jonathan Shirland
Surrealism, Occulture and Gender: Women Artists, Power and Occultism
pp. 103-130
Author: Victoria Ferentinou
Occulture and Art: A Response
pp. 131-140
Author: Christopher Partridge
In Memoriam: Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (1953-2012)
pp. 169-174
Author: Christopher McIntosh

Volume 12, Number 2, 2012
Andrei Vinius (1641-1716) and Interest in Western Esotericism in Early Modern Russia
pp. 191-220
Author: Collis, Robert
Gendered Haunts: The Rhetorical and Material Culture of the Late Nineteenth-Century Spirit Cabinet
pp. 221-235
Author: Lowry, Elizabeth
The "Language of Canaan": Pietism's Esoteric Sociolect
pp. 237-253
Author: Martin, Lucinda
Essay Review: Reincarnating Gustav Meyrink: Three Recent Monographs
pp. 255-279
Author: Boyd, Amanda

Volume 12, Number 1, 2012 Modern Magic,
Special Issue, guest-edited by Henrik Bogdan

Introduction: Modern Western Magic
pp. 1-16
Author: Bogdan, Henrik
Modern Western Magic and Theosophy
pp. 17-51
Author: Tillett, Gregory
Julius Evola and the UR Group
pp. 53-90
Author: Hakl, Hans Thomas
The Seeds of Satan: Conceptions of Magic in Contemporary Satanism
pp. 91-129
Author: Petersen, Jesper Aagaard
Dragon Rouge: Left-Hand Path Magic with a Neopagan Flavour
pp. 131-156
Author: Granholm, Kennet

Volume 11, Number 2, 2011
Pondering Imponderables: Occultism in the Mirror of Late Classical Physics
pp. 129-165
Author: Asprem, Egil
Tra esoterismo, New Age e mistica cristiana: le dottrine del «Cerchio Firenze»
pp. 167-188
Author: Baroni, Francesco
'Spiritus et angeli sunt a Deo submissi sapienti et puro': Il frammento del Magisterium eumantice artis sive scienciae magicalis. Edizione e attribuzione a Berengario Ganello
pp. 189-217
Author: Gehr, Damaris
The Kabbalah, the Philosophie Cosmique, and the Integral Yoga. A Study in Cross-Cultural Influence
pp. 219-247
Author: Heehs, Peter
'Fräulein Sprengel' and the Origins of the Golden Dawn: A Surprising Discovery'
pp. 249-257
Author: McIntosh, Christopher

Volume 11, Number 1, 2011
The Strange Case of Ben Kadosh: A Luciferian Pamphlet from 1906 and its Current Renaissance
pp. 1-22(22)
Author: Faxneld, Per
Giovanni Gioviano Pontano (1429-1503) on Astrology and Poetic Authority
pp. 23-52(30)
Author: Soranzo, Matteo
Essay Review: Perception, Vision, Phantasmagoria: Ways of Seeing in the Early Modern Period and Since
pp. 53-75(23)
Author: Szönyi, György E.
Religious Morphology, Hermeneutics and Initiation in Andrei Scrima's Il padre spirituale (The Spiritual Father)
pp. 77-97(21)
Author: Toti, Marco

Volume 10, Number 2, 2010
Pythagorean Number Symbolism, Alchemy, and the Disciplina Noua of John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica
pp. 149-167(19)
Author: Clucas, Stephen
Oratorium—Auditorium—Laboratorium: Early Modern Improvisations on Cabala, Music, and Alchemy
pp. 169-195(27)
Author: Forshaw, Peter J.
The Birth of Esotericism from the Spirit of Protestantism
pp. 197-216(20)
Author: Hanegraaff, Wouter J.
Der Esoteriker und die Esoterik: Wie das Esoterische im 18. Jahrhundert zum Begriff wird und seinen Weg in die Moderne findet
pp. 217-231(15)
Authors: Neugebauer-Wölk, Monika
A Jesus Figure in Christian Theosophy at the End of the Eighteenth Century: The Treatise on the Two Natures, by Jean-Baptiste Willermoz
pp. 233-269(37)
Authors: Gendet, Gérard

Volume 10, Number 1, 2010
Between Loagaeth and Cosening: Towards an Etiology of John Dee's Spirit Diaries
pp. 1-35(35)
Author: Sledge, James Justin
A copy of Martinès de Pasqually's Manuscript Traité sur fa reintegration des êtres discovered in 1851
pp. 37-61(25)
Author: Clairembault, Dominique
God's Last, Best Gift to Mankind: Gnostic Science and the Eschaton in the Vision of John Murray Spear
pp. 63-83(21)
Author: Laycock, Joseph
Solve et Coagula: Attitudes Toward the Ambrosial Aspects of Human Seed in Certain Yogic Traditions and in the Sexual Magick of Aleister Crowley
pp. 85-106(22)
Author: Djurdjevic, Gordan

Volume 9, Number 2, 2009
Rune Secrets: On the Reception of Esoteric Runic Lore in German neopaganism
pp. 137-174(38)
Authors: Gründer, René
Ramon Lull's New World Order: Esoteric Evangelism and Frontline Philosophy
pp. 175-194(20)
Author: Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas
'I know Antaios and disapprove of it. What it cultivates is not religio but magic!' A short history of the magazine ANTAIOS
pp. 195-232(38)
Author: Hakl, Hans Thomas
The Second Golden Age of Theosophy in Denmark: An Existential “Template” for Late Modernity?
pp. 233-262(30)
Authors: Pedersen, René Dybdal

Volume 9, Number 1, 2009
On the Role of Heterodox Knowledge in Russia after the Fall of the Communist System
pp. 1-35(35)
Author: Belyaev, Demyan
François Foix-Candale's Commentary to the Corpus Hermeticum: Historical and Philological Annotations
pp. 37-58(22)
Author: Moreschini, Claudio
Mysteries of the Nile? Joseph Scaliger and Ancient Egypt
pp. 59-82(24)
Author: Dijkstra, Jitse H.F.
From Swedenborg's Spiritual World to Kant's Kingdom of Ends
pp. 83-99(17)
Author: Johnson, Gregory R.

Volume 8, Number 2, 2008
Die Bedeutung von Tradition und Geheimnis für praktizierende Magier des 21. Jahrhunderts: Ergebnisse einer Interviewstudie The Meaning of Tradition and Secrecy for Magical Practitioners in the 21st Century: Results of an Interview Study
pp. 117-138(22)
Author: Mayer, Gerhard
Magic Naturalized? Negotiating Science and Occult Experience in Aleister Crowley's Scientific Illuminism La Magie “naturalisée”? De la négociation entre science et expérience occulte dans l'illuminisme scientifique d'Aleister Crowley
pp. 139-165(27)
Author: Asprem, Egil
Theological Lying and Religious Radicalism in Anderson's Constitutions Mensonge théologique et radicalisme religieux dans les Constitutions d'Anderson
pp. 167-190(24)
Author: Chakmakjian, Pauline
“Éloquence magique”, ou descriptions des mondes de l'au-delà explorés par le magnétisme animal: Au carrefour de la Naturphilosophie romantique et de la théosophie chrétienne (première moitié du XIXème siècle) “Magic Eloquence”, or Descriptions of the Worlds of the Beyond Explored by Animal Magnetism: At the Crossroad of Romantic Naturphilosophie and Christian Theosophy (first half of the 19th century)
pp. 191-228(38)
Author: Faivre, Antoine

Volume 8, Number 1, 2008
The Care of the Soul: States of Consciousness in the Writings of Marsilio Ficino
pp. 1-19(19)
Author: Rees, Valery
Hegel on the Paranormal: Altered States of Consciousness in the Philosophy of Subjective Spirit
pp. 21-36(16)
Author: Magee, Glenn Alexander
Widened Awareness: Allen Ginsberg's Poetic Transmission of a Blakean Inflected Esoteric Dream-Insight
pp. 37-61(25)
Author: Pevateaux, C.J.
La tradizione taoista nel pensiero di René Guénon
pp. 63-89(27)
Author: Sacco, Leonardo

Volume 7, Number 2, 2007
The Ritualization of Language in the Hermetica
pp. 133-159(27)
Author: Chlup, Radek
Blavatsky, Dostoevskii, and Occult Starchestvo
pp. 161-184(24)
Author: French, Brendan
Spiritisme et Piété Luthérienne en Toscane, avant le “Grand Marché”
pp. 185-206(22)
Authors: Koehl-Krebs, Hélène
Problèmes et controverses: à propos de quelques publications récentes sur la magie au Moyen Âge et à la Renaissance
pp. 207-225(19)
Author: Mandosio, Jean-Marc

Volume 7, Number 1, 2007
Special Issue on "Esotericism and Fiction": The Horror of Disenchantment
pp. 1-1(1)
"Eternal Sun" / "Black Sun": Illuminism and Disenchanted Romanticism
pp. 3-19(17)
Author: McCalla, Arthur
Borrowings and Misreading: Edgar Allan Poe's "Mesmeric" Tales and the Strange Case of their Reception
pp. 21-62(42)
Author: Faivre, Antoine
Arthur Machen's Panic Fears: Western Esotericism and the Irruption of Negative Epistemology
pp. 63-83(21)
Author: Pasi, Marco
Fiction in the Desert of the Real: Lovecra's Cthulhu Mythos
pp. 85-109(25)
Author: Hanegraaff, Wouter J.

Volume 6, Number 2, 2006
Of Electrum and the Armour of Achilles: Myth and Magic in a Manuscript of Heinrich Khunrath (1560-1605)
pp. 117-157(41)
Author: Tilton, Hereward
The Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster, Hekate's Couch,and Platonic Orientalism in Psellos and Plethon
pp. 158-179(22)
Author: Burns, Dylan
I Pargoli di Agatodemone: Frammenti di Mitologie Alchemiche
pp. 180-204(25)
Author: Albrile, Ezio
Kocku von Stuckrad et la Notion D'Esoterisme
pp. 205-214(10)
Author: Faivre, Antoine

Volume 6, Number 1, 2006
Freemasonry and the Occult at the Court of Peter the Great
pp. 1-26(26)
Author: Collis, Robert
Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Plays: Literary Transcripts of an Esoteric Gnosis and/or Esoteric Attempt at Reconciliation between Art and Science?
pp. 27-58(32)
Authors: Choné, Aurélie
Visual Gods: From Exorcism to Complexity in Renaissance Studies
pp. 59-85(27)
Author: von Stuckrad, Kocku

Volume 5, Number 2, 2005

Lilie, Licht und Gottes Weisheit: Philipp Otto Runge und Jacob Böhme
pp. 155-199(45)
Authors: Öhlenbach, Melanie
Virgin Territory: Purity and Divine Knowledge in Late Medieval Catoptromantic Texts[1]
pp. 200-224(25)
Author: Fanger, Claire
Forbidden Knowledge: Anti-Esoteric Polemics and Academic Research
pp. 225-254(30)
Author: Hanegraaff, Wouter J.
Note A Margine Dell'Influsso Di G.I. Gurdjieff Su Samael Aun Weor
pp. 255-275(21)
Author: Zoccatelli, PierLuigi

Volume 5, Number 1, 2005
Angels Around the Crystal: The Prayer Book of King Wladislas and the Treasure Hunts of Henry the Bohemian
pp. 1-32(32)
Authors: Benedek Láng
L'ermetismo Del Rinascimento Da Marsilio Ficino A Ludovico Lazzarelli
pp. 33-60(28)
Author: Claudio Moreschini
The Angelical Stone of Elias Ashmole
pp. 61-90(30)
Author: Matthew D. Rogers
Isaac Newton and the Kabbalistic Noah: Natural Law Between Mediaevalia and the Enlightenment
pp. 91-118(28)
Author: Garry W. Trompf

Volume 4, Number 2, 2004
Zosimos of Panopolis and the Book of Enoch: Alchemy as Forbidden Knowledge
pp. 125-147(23)
Author: Kyle A. Fraser
The Moses of Sinai and the Moses of Egypt: Moses as Magician in Jewish Literature and Western Esotericism
pp. 148-170(23)
Author: Andreas B. Kilcher
Stuart Freemasonry: Restoring the Temple of Vision?
pp. 171-183(13)
Author: Andrew Prescott
Response to Prescott's Review
pp. 184-202(19)
Author: Marsha Keith Schuchard
Searching for Welsh Indians
pp. 203-227(25)
Author: Andrew Prescott

Volume 4, Number 1, 2004

In Memoriam: Françiois Secret (1911-2003)
pp. 1-2(2)
Author: Brach J-P.
Eine Deutsche Alchimia picta des 17. Jahrhunderts: Bemerkungen zu dem Vers/Bild-Traktat von der hermetischen Kunst von Johann Augustin Brunnhofer und zu seinen Kommentierten Fassungen im Buch der Weisheit und im Hermaphroditischen Sonn- und Monds-Kind
pp. 3-26(24)
Author: Telle J.
The Place of Kabbalah in the Doctrine of Russiam Freemasons
pp. 27-68(42)
Authors: Burmistrov K.; Endel M.
The Esoteric Uses of Electricity: Theologies of Electricity from Swabian Pietism to Ariosophy
pp. 69-90(22)
Author: Goodrick-Clarke N.
Diana Redux: Retour sur l'Affaire Léo Taxil - Diana Vaughan
pp. 91-97(7)
Author: Introvigne M.

Volume 3, Number 2, 2003
Esoterik und Christentum vor 1800: Prolegomena zu einer Bestimmung ihrer Differenz
pp. 127-165(39)
Authors: Neugebauer-Wölk M.
Medieval Ritual Magic in the Renaissance
pp. 166-199(34)
Author: Klaassen F.
The Apocalyptic Eucharist and Religious Dissidence in Stefan Michelspacher's Cabala: Spiegel der Kunst und Natur, in Alchymia (1616)
pp. 200-223(24)
Author: Szulakowska U.
The Neverendingly Told Story: Recent Biographies of Aleister Crowley
pp. 224-245(22)
Author: Pasi M.

Volume 3, Number 1, 2003

Alchimie et Hétérodoxie: Critiques et Mises en Cause du "Christianisme Chymique" dans l'Espace Germanique au XVIIe Siècle
pp. 1-24(24)
Author: Maillard, Christine
Elie Artiste, ou le Messie des Philosophes de la Nature (seconde partie)
pp. 25-54(30)
Author: Faivre, Antoine
From Electricity to Ectoplasm: Hysteria and American Spiritualism
pp. 55-81(27)
Author: Gutierrez, Cathy
Spiritismus in Deutschland
pp. 82-93(12)
Author: Zander, Helmut

Volume 2, Number 2, 2002
Elie Artiste, ou le Messie des Philosophes de la Nature
pp. 119-152(34)
Author: Faivre, Antoine
Trithemius, Cusanus, and the Will to the Infinite: A Pre-Faustian Paradigm
pp. 153-172(20)
Author: Brann, Noel L.
L'Influence de la Pensée Occultiste sur le Symbolisme Belge: Bilan Critique d'une "Affinité Spirituelle" à la Fin du 19e Siècle
pp. 173-192(20)
Authors: Clerbois, Sébastien
Frances Yates's Hermetic Renaissance in the Documents Held in the Warburg Institute Archive
pp. 193-210(18)
Author: Gatti, Hilary

Volume 2, Number 1, 2002
Regni Christi Frater: Count Michael Maier and the Fraternity R.C.
pp. 3-33(31)
Author: Tilton, Hereward
The Rotterdam Sympathy Case (1696-1697): A Window on the Late Seventeenth-Century Philosophical Discourse
pp. 34-56(23)
Author: van den Elsen, Juliette
Spiritualismus im Holländischen Protestantismus: Der Fall Abraham Rutgers Van der Loeff (1808-1885)
pp. 57-75(19)
Author: Jansen, Derk
John Dee and Early Modern Occult Philosophy
pp. 76-87(12)
Authors: Szonyi, György E.

Volume 1, Number 2, 2001

Medieval Jewish Influences On Renaissance Concepts of Harmonia Mundi
pp. 135-152(18)
Author: Dan, Joseph
La "Science Des Spectres" De Pierre Le Loyer (1605), Lecteur De Marsile Ficin Et De Jean Pic: Notes De "Philosophia Occulta" Aux XVIe-XVIIe Siècles
pp. 153-167(15)
Authors: Toussaint, Stéphane
The Mercurian Master: Hermes' Gift To the Theosophical Society1
pp. 168-205(38)
Author: French, Brendan
Faszination Zarathushtra
pp. 206-212(7)
Author: Sladek, Mirko

Volume 1, Number 1, 2001
pp. 3-4(2)
Beyond the Yates Paradigm: the Study of Western Esotericism Between Counterculture and New Complexity1
pp. 5-37(33)
Author: Hanegraaff, Wouter J.
Cryptography and Alchemy in the Work of Marcel Duchamp and Walter Arensberg
pp. 38-61(24)
Author: Moffitt, John F.
Mircea Eliade and Traditionalism
pp. 62-87(26)
Author: Spineto, Natale
L'Ésoterisme Entre Histoire Et Tradition
pp. 88-125(38)
Author: Frosio, Carole

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