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spcr ESSWE 3: The Third International ESSWE Conference, Szeged, Hungary, 6-10 July 2011, ESSWE

ESSWE 3: The Third International ESSWE Conference, Szeged, Hungary, 6-10 July 2011


Lux in Tenebris: The Visual and the Symbolic in Western Esotericism

Organised by ESSWE in cooperation with the University of Szeged and its Cultural Iconology and Semiography Research Group

Wednesday 6 July

19:05–19:30 Welcome Reception
Official opening by Professor Gábor Szabó, Rector of the University;
ESSWE Presidential address by Professor Wouter Hanegraaff (University of Amsterdam)
19:30–20:30 Plenary Paper 1 (Moderator: György Szönyi)
Professor Michael J. B. Allen (UCLA):
'Glory, Transfiguration, and the Fire Within: Ficino on the Metaphysics and Psychology of Light'

Thursday 7 July

09:00–10:30 Session 1A Alchemy (Moderator: Thomas Willard)
Peter Forshaw (University of Amsterdam / Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy):
'Artist & Athlete of Fire: Heinrich Khunrath on the Symbolic Harmony of Christ and the Philosophers' Stone'
Jo (Georgina) Hedesan (University of Exeter):
'The Verbal and Visual Symbolism of Distillation Alchemy in the 17th Century: Interpreting the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz and the Mutus Liber'
Mike A. Zuber (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich / Literature and Culture Studies):
'Depicting Alchemical Substances: Johann Joachim Becher’s Mineralogia (1662)'
09:00–10:30 Session 1B Modern Literature (Moderator: Ari Ofengenden)
Irina-Ana Drobot (Technical University of Civil Engineering / Foreign Languages and Communication, Bucharest): 
'Esoteric Aspects and Lyricism in Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift'
Korinna Csetényi (University of Szeged):
'Symbols of Difference and Haunting in the Works of Stephen King'
Aba-Carina Parlog (University of the West, Timisoara)
'What Lies Behind the Magic? Peter Ackroyd vs. John Fowles'

11:00–11:50 Plenary Paper 2 (Moderator: Wouter Hanegraaff)
Lina Bolzoni (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa): 
'The Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo: Alchemy, Rhetoric, and Deification in the Renaissance'

12:00–13:30 Session 2A Bible, Angels, and Witches (Moderator: Aba-Carina Parlog)
Massimo Leone (University of Torino):
'God's Graffiti'
Julia Cleave (Temenos Academy, London):
'Tobias and the Angel. The Showing of a Heavenly Effect in an Earthly Actor'
Dana Percec (University of the West, Timisoara):
'Weird Sisters and Overthrown Charms: Representations of Witchcraft and Magic in Tudor and Stuart England'
12:00–13:30 Session 2B Zoharic Kabbalah (Moderator: Moshe Idel)
Hartley Lachter (Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA):
'Mapping Divine Territory: Kabbalistic Commentaries on the Ten Sefirot in Late 13th Century Castile'
Elke Morlok (University of Heidelberg / Hochschule für Jüdische Studien):
'Visual and Acoustic Symbols in Gikatilla and Neoplatonic Thought'
Ronit Meroz (Tel-Aviv University):
'Visual Aspects of Zoharic Symbols'
12:00–13:30 Session 2C Hidden/Revealed Symbols (Moderator: Benedek Láng)
Claire Fanger (Rice University, Texas):
'Use of Figures and Letter Meditations in John of Morigny’s Liber Florum, Old Compilation, Oxford, Bodleian liturg. 160'
Marc Michael Epstein (Vassar College, New York):
'Hidden and Revealed in Medieval Jewish Manuscript Illumination'
Joshua L. I. Gentzke (Stanford University):
'Imagining the Image of God: Iconic Discourse in Medieval and Early Modern Christian Esotericism'

14:30–16:00 Session 3A Renaissance Angels and Witches (Moderator: Massimo Leone)
Larisa Kocic (University of Szeged):
'Milton and the Cherubim in Embrace'
Jonathan Schorsch (Columbia University, New York):
'Angels, Avant Gardes, and the Esoteric Archive'
Ari Ofengenden (Oberlin College, Ohio):
'Representing Transmigration of Souls: Kabbalistic Metempsychosis or Repressed Wishes'
14:30–16:00 Session 3B Renaissance Kabbalah (Moderator: Andreas Kilcher)
Yoed Kadary (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev):
'Sons of God or Human Sons – How to Create an Angel? Between the Old Era and Renaissance Kabbalah'
Assaf Tamari (Ben Gurion University of the Negev):
'"And I Asked Him to Tell Me Who My Soul was": Fragmentaion and Destabilization of the Kabbalist's self in Lurianic Anthropology'
Yuval Harari (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev):
'The Tree of Knowledge (Etz Ha-da'at): an Ornamented Hebrew Manuscript of "Practical Kabbala" from the 16th Century, Safed'
14:30–16:00 Session 3C Theosophy (Moderator: Jean-Pierre Brach)
Isaac Lubelsky (Tel-Aviv Univeristy):
'The Theosophical Seal: Blavatsky's Symbolic Synthesis between East and West'
Per Faxneld (Stockholm University):
'Blavatsky the Satanist: Luciferianism in Theosophy'
Julie Chajes (University of Exeter):
'Annie Besant's Saree: Syncretism, Orientalism and "Going Native"'

16:30–18:30 Session 4A Renaissance/Baroque Magic (Moderator: Lina Bolzoni)
Noel Putnik (Central European University, Budapest):
'Agrippa's Cosmic Ladder: Building a World with Words in the De Occulta Philosophia'
Joyce Pijnenburg (University of Amsterdam / Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy):
'"No Query Escapes These Ideis": Images in Bruno's Lampas Triginta Statuarum'
Paul Shore (Brandon University):
'"Even just in this manner death doth play with us": Moral Lessons, Metaphors and Esoteric Knowledge in the Zodiacus Christianus of Jeremias Drexel'
16:30–18:30 Session 4B Esoteric Art in Modernism (Moderator: Franz Winter)
Marco Pasi (University of Amsterdam / Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy):
'Early Forms of Abstract Art and Spiritualism: Georgiana Houghton's Spirit Drawings'
Victoria Ferentinou (University of Ioannina):
'The Iconography of "Coniunctio Oppositorum": Visual and Verbal Dialogues in Ithell Colquhoun’s Oeuvre'
Zoltán Cora (University of Szeged):
'The Uncanny, the Numerical and the Unknown: Sublime as Esoteric?'
Tessel M. Bauduin (University of Amsterdam / Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy):
'The "Occulture" of Modern Art in Surrealism'
16:30–18:30 Session 4C Romantic/Victorian (Moderator: Anna Maria Binet)
Róbert Péter (University of Szeged):
'Hidden Numbers: the Concept of Esoteric(ism) in the Nineteenth-century British Press'
Rafał T. Prinke (Eugeniusz Piasecki University of Poznan):
'"Un gentilhomme polonais qui est un esprit élevé": Polish Travellers and Exiles in the 19th Century Esoteric Revival'
Mark Sedgwick (Aarhus University):
'Sufism in the Romantic Imagination'
György E.  Szönyi (University of Szeged/ Central European University, Budapest):
'Myth and Magic in Victorian Enoch'

18:45 Presentation of the ESSWE Thesis Prize by Professor Andreas Kilcher of the selection committee
19:15 ESSWE Members' Meeting.
20:30 Reception – Venue: Szeged Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Somogyi u. 7.
– Opened by Professor Sándor Csernus, Dean of Faculty.

Friday 8 July

09:00–10:30 Session 5A Rosicrucian Literature (Moderator: Michael J.B. Allen)
Sebastien Gregov (University of Rennes):
'The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz'
Thomas Willard (University of Arizona):
'Illustrations and Symbols in Andreae's Chymische Hochzeit'
09:00–10:30 Session 5B Visions of Jewish Mysticism (Moderator: Jonathan Schorsch)
Dylan Burns (Yale University):
'To Enter the Heavenly Treasuries: Sigils, Seals, and Visualization in Gnosticism and Early Jewish Mysticism'
Yossi Chajes (University of Haifa):
'It's Good to See the King: The Nature & Function of Kabbalistic Divinity Maps'
Boaz Huss (Ben Gurion University of the Negev):
'The Kabbalah Medal (2009): Representations of Kabbalah in an Official Government Medal of the State of Israel'
09:00–10:30 Session 5C "The Occult Revival" (Moderator: Pia Brinzeu)
Sasha Chaitow (University of Exeter):
'Symbolist Art and the French Occult Revival: the Esoteric-aesthetic Vision of Sâr Péladan'
Francisco Santos Silva (Universidade Nova de Lisboa):
'What is the Right Sigil?: Mather's Use of Sigils in the Clavicula Salomonis'
Christian Giudice (University of Exeter):
'The Angered Beast: Aleister Crowley, Thelema and the Cinema of Kenneth Anger'

11:00–11:50 Plenary Paper 3 (Moderator: Peter Forshaw)
Moshe Idel (Hebrew University, Jerusalem):
'The Shield of David: A History of a Symbol from Jewish Kabbalah to Western Esotericism'

13:30–15:30 Session 6A Stars, Symbols, Characters (Moderator: Claire Fanger)
Konstantin Burmistrov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow):
'Pictorial Representations of the Structure of Creation (Ilanot) in Jewish and Christian Kabbalah'
Enikö Békés (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest):
'"A Principio Enim Omnia Pendent". Descriptions of Outward Appearance Determined by the Stars in Some Physiognomical Works'
Theodor Harmsen (Ritman Institute / Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, Amsterdam):
'The Symbols of Valentin Weigel and Pseudo-Weigelian Artistry'
13:30–15:30 Session 6B Early Modernism (Moderator: Francisco Santos Silva)
Nina Kokkinen (University of Turku):
'Occult Interpretations in the Finnish Fin-de-Siecle Art Field'
Colin Duggan (University College, Cork):
'Locating Yeats: Western Esotericism, Symbols of the "New Ireland"'
Thomas Heinzel (University of Erfurt):
'Prometheus Unbound. Esotericism in the Works of Angelos Sikelianos'
Anna Maria Binet (Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux3):
'Light and Darkness, Two Main Symbols in Fernando Pessoa's Esoteric Writings'
13:30–15:30 Session 6C Theoretical/Semiotic Approaches (Moderator: Matthias Riedl)
Sara M. Thejls (University of Copenhagen):
'Visuality and Audibility in Kabbalistic Theories of Language'
Jürgen Meyer (University of Halle):
'Sense and Sensibility: Reading the Esoteric'
Pavel Nosachev (State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow):
'Semiotical Analysis of the Hermetical Text'

16:00–17:30 Guided Tour by Erzsébet Szökefalvi-Nagy, Curator of the Rare Book Collection of the Somogyi Library's holdings of esoterica
18:00 Optional conference dinner.

Saturday 9 July

09:00–10:30 Session 7A Swedenborg (Moderator: Joscelyn Godwin)
Susanna Åkerman-Hjern (Stockholm):
'De sapientia Salomonis: Emanuel Swedenborg and the Kabbalah'
Laura Follesa & Francesca Maria Crasta (University of Cagliari):
'The Arcanes of the World: Symbols and Mystical-allegorical Exegesis in Emanuel Swedenborg's De Cultu et Amore Dei
Bianca Bogdana Archip & Sever Laurenţiu Sava (Spiru Haret University, Bucharest):
'Symbolic and Visual in Present-day Testimonies of Nde (Near-death Experiences) Contrasted with Swedenborg’s Discourse'
09:00–10:30 Session 7B New Age Variations I (Moderator: Birgit Menzel)
Susannah Crockford (London School of Economics):
'Symbolism in Modern Western Shamanism'
Franz Winter (University of Vienna):
'Western Esotericism and Japanese Manga Literature'
Tamás Szilágyi (University of Szeged):
'Emerging of New Myths and Myth-makers in Hungarian Neopaganism'
09:00–10:30 Session 7C Early Modern Artistic Visions (Moderator: Boaz Huss)
Frank Baron (University of Kansas):
'Sichem's Engraving of Faust (1608) in Its Historical Context'
Carsten Wilke (Central European University, Budapest):
'Where Geometry Meets Kabbalah: Paul Yvon's Esoteric Engravings'
Cecile Wilson (Carleton University):
'Concealment and Revelation in Rembrandt's "Scholar in His Study, Watching a Magic Disk"'

11:00–11:50 Plenary Paper 4 (Moderator: Mark Sedgwick)
Pia Brinzeu (University of the West, Timisoara):
'Romania and India: Spaces of Initiation for Eliade and Brancusi'

13:30–15:00 Session 8A The Occult in Russia (Moderator: Susanna Åkerman-Hjern)
Juriy Khalturin (Moscow Medical-Stomatological University):
'Kabbalah, Symbolism and Metaphysics in Theories of Russian Freemasonry of the 18th and 19th Centuries'
Birgit Menzel (University of Mainz):
'The Occult Underground of Late Soviet Russia'
13:30–15:00 Session 8B New Age Variations II (Moderator: Marco Pasi)
Codruta Gosa & Andrea Serban (University of the West, Timisoara):
'The Vampire of the 3rd Millennium: from Demon to Angel'
Reghina Dascal (University of the West, Timisoara):
'Tantrism and Mithila Art from a Western Perspective'
Henrik Bogdan (University of Gothenburg):
'Envisioning the Birth of a New Aeon: Dispensationalism and Millenarianism in the Thelemic Tradition'
13:30–15:00 Session 8C Neo-Traditionalism (Moderator: Inna Semetsky)
Sergey Pakhomov (Saint-Petersburg State University):
'Interpretations of the Symbolical by Rene Guénon'
Christopher Webster van Tonder (Aberystwyth University):
'Picturing the Volk: Icons of Ideology and the Myth of the Master Race'

15:30–17:00 Session 9A From Tradition to Science (Moderator: Jürgen Meyer)
Joscelyn Godwin (Colgate University):
'Color Symbolism: from Tradition to Science'
Karl Baier (University of Vienna):
'Meditating Visual Symbols: Carl Happich's Method as Meeting Point Between Esotericism, Protestantism and Psychotherapy'
Egil Asprem (University of Amsterdam / Center for History of Hermetic Philosophy):
'Visions Beyond Sight: Representational Practices in Science and Esotericism Ca. 1900'
15:30–17:00 Session 9B Esoteric Symbol Systems (Moderator: Henrik Bogdan)
Kennet Granholm (University of Stockholm):
'Visual Popular Culture and the Esoteric'
Inna Semetsky (University of Newcastle, Australia):
'The Visual Symbolism of Tarot Images: Implications for Contemporary Geopolitics'
Benedek Láng (University of Technology and Economics, Budapest):
'Magic, Esotericism, and Cryptic Symbols'

Sunday 10 July

Optional EXCURSION TO BUDA CASTLE LABYRINTH AND THE BUDAPEST HISTORY MUSEUM (the presently underground medieval palace of the Hungarian kings)










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