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ESSWE Agenda

Stay up-to-date about upcoming events in the field of Western Esotericism! If you want to suggest agenda items, please contact the webmaster. Click here to visit the Archive of Past Events.

ESSWE Thesis Workshop: 'Alterations of Consciousness' May 10, 2014
A free one-day workshop on the theme of 'Alterations of Consciousness', for graduate and postgraduate students, organised by ESSWE in conjunction with the Chair for History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents, University of Amsterdam, on Saturday 10 May 2014.
Date(s):May 10, 2014
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EASR14: Religion and Pluralities of Knowledge May 11, 2014 -to- May 15, 2014
In 2014, the University of Groningen will celebrate its 400th Anniversary. The joint conference of the EASR, IAHR, and the NGG will be held immediately before the official celebration weeks of the University will commence. The conference theme, too, is related to the 400th anniversary, as it focuses on various ways in which European universities have engaged the topic of religion since the Middle Ages and the Reformation. The place of religion in the global ‘entangled histories’ today, as well as the formation of the academic study of religion, have been determined by pluralities of knowledge in many ways.
Location:Groningen, Netherlands
Date(s):May 11, 2014 -to- May 15, 2014
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Scripted Forms of Magic Knowledge: Grimoires in the Matrix of Western Cultures June 08, 2014 -to- June 11, 2014
An international conference for an intensive joint study of the phenomenon of grimoires in different cultural environments in the history of the West, from antiquity to the present day.
Date(s):June 08, 2014 -to- June 11, 2014
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‘Twice Upon a Time: Magic, Alchemy and the Transubstantiation of the Senses’ June 26, 2014 -to- June 27, 2014
The Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR) and the Research Centre for Creative Making (S.T.U.F.F.) based at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD), have joined forces to welcome papers/performances/exhibition installations that respond to magical and alchemical practices, in all their forms; including but not limited to the origins of alchemy and its contemporary relevance in science, magical performance, illusion, automata, the sensory in artificial intelligence and radical thinking in relation to concepts of time. We invite artists, scientists and philosophers to explore again the threshold between these paradigms, dwelling on curiosity and the tradition of scientific questing. By re-visiting the alchemist’s vision, we are looking for a renegotiation of the very boundary that separates the shifting representational referents in the traditional image of magic; seeking a way to extend the concept of transformation of the same (metamorphosis), rather than re-defining a realm that is allegedly beyond rationality and linguistic articulation.
Location:Birmingham, UK
Date(s):June 26, 2014 -to- June 27, 2014
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New Antiquities: Transformations of the Past in the New Age and Beyond June 26, 2014 -to- June 28, 2014
The twentieth century witnessed a surge of fascination with the religious culture of the ancient Mediterranean, whose allure was appropriated in innovative ways by various actors and movements ranging from Rudolf Steiner to Goddess-cult(ure)s, from Neo-Gnostics in Brazil to the Russian New Age. In these diverse interpretations and productive misunderstandings of antiquity, ancient gods, philosophers, religious specialists, sacred institutions, practices, and artifacts were invoked, employed, and even invented in order to legitimize new developments in religious life. Focusing on the contemporary period (from the 1960s to the present day), our goal is to identify and analyze these appropriations and changes of ancient religious life. We seek critical, scientific papers that take an historical, philological, and/or sociological approach towards transformations and constructions of the past in the literature and cultural discourse of the New Age and beyond, extending into movements such as Neo-Paganism and Neo-Gnosticism. Join us for a workshop in Berlin, from 26–28 June 2014!
Date(s):June 26, 2014 -to- June 28, 2014
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Revisiting Early Modern Prophecies (c.1500-c.1815) June 26, 2014 -to- June 28, 2014
The Reformation dramatically changed Europe’s religious and political landscapes within a few decades. The Protestant emphasis on translating the Scriptures into the vernacular and the developments of the printing press rapidly gave increased visibility to the most obscure parts of the Bible. Similarly, Spanish and Italian mystics promoted a spiritual regeneration of the Catholic Church during the Counter-Reformation. Prophecies, whether of biblical, ancient or popular origin, as well as their interpretations gradually began reaching a wider audience, sparking controversies throughout all levels of society across Europe. In recent years, new research has eroded the long standing historiographical consensus of an increasing secularisation accelerated by the Enlightenment, which allegedly cast away beliefs in prophecies and miracles as outmoded. The multiplication of case studies on millenarian movements suggests a radically different picture, yet many questions remain. How did prophecies evolve with the politico-religious conjunctions of their time? Who read them? How seriously were they taken? This three-day, international conference will aim to answer these questions by bringing together scholars from around the world to reassess the importance of prophecies from the Reformation to the French Revolution and beyond. We therefore invite papers and panel proposals on prophecy in Europe and the Mediterranean world between approximately 1500 and 1800. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to: apocalyptic predictions, the Antichrist, millenarianism, irenicism, wonders and miracles, astrology and divination, ecumenical movements, religious utopias, mystical networks, enthusiasts and female mystics.‌
Date(s):June 26, 2014 -to- June 28, 2014
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The Marriage of Heaven and Earth: Images and Representations of the Sky in Sacred Space June 28, 2014 -to- June 29, 2014
The 12th Annual Sophia Centre Conference, University of Wales Trinity Saint David. All human cultures have both identified the sacred in the landscape, and created structures which embody the sacred. In many cases these sacred spaces are related to the stars, planets and sky. This academic conference will consider the construction, creation and representation of the sky in sacred space. Papers include studies of the relationship between the sky, land and the built environment in any culture and time period, and may range from theory to practice, to architecture, ritual, text, literature, film and the visual arts. We welcome submissions from across the humanities and social sciences, in history, anthropology, archaeology, the history of art, philosophy and study of religions.
Location:Bath, UK
Date(s):June 28, 2014 -to- June 29, 2014
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Jacob Boehme and His World July 04, 2014 -to- July 06, 2014
An international conference to take place in Goerlitz on all aspects of Jacob Boehme's life and work.
Date(s):July 04, 2014 -to- July 06, 2014
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Art and Alchemy Exhibition: The Mystery of Transformation August 10, 2014
From 5 April until 10 August 2014. For the first time in Germany, an exhibition spanning all epochs and genres will be introducing the exciting link between art and alchemy in past and present times. 250 works from antiquity to the present, encompassing Baroque art, Surrealism, through to contemporary art from collections and museums in the USA, Great Britain, France, Mexico and Israel reveal the fascination which alchemy exerted for many visual artists. Artists featured in the exhibition, such as Joseph Beuys, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Max Ernst, Hendrick Goltzius, Rebecca Horn, Anish Kapoor, Yves Klein, Sigmar Polke, Rembrandt van Rijn, Peter Paul Rubens and David Teniers the Younger invite visitors to explore the mystery of transformation.
Date(s):August 10, 2014
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Exhibition: Rudolf Steiner - Alchemie van het alledaagse January 11, 2015
From 13 September 2014 until 11 January 2015. For the first time in the Netherlands Kunsthal, Rotterdam, presents an overview of the extensive work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Steiner is one of the most influential and versatile reformers of the twentieth century. His thought is still alive. Steiner was a source of inspiration for many artists like Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky and Joseph Beuys and is still for contemporary artists and designers such as Olafur Eliasson and Konstantin Grcic.
Date(s):January 11, 2015
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